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We love to create environments for learning and experimentation. Spaces for expression. We believe that if you are comfortable in a place, you are more inclined to create. This feeling of acceptance and inclusivity may be achieved whether you are in a field or in a garage.


Exhibitions and Installations

The Life of a Dress exhibition has traditionally been featuring photos made in collaborations with amateur as well as professional photographers. Artworks and artefacts that have been produced or found along the way have been showcased to share ideas of what could be. An open workshops has then most often been placed to also invite the bypassing visitors to not only look but also to make and breath new life into this oddysse of what has been and what is becoming.


The Life of a Dress Installation 2010, Mozambique

Another frequently used element in the exhibition and installation is the map dress. The map dress which rests like a symbol for the global nature of textiles, clothing and fashion.


Imagination is used and regarded as the main renewable resource in and outside this project. Creativity and its various forms of expressions is further explored and used to drive to project forward.